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I'm a freelance illustrator based in Manchester

Illustration, graphic design and digital art by freelance illustrator Robbie Douglas.

Freelance Illustration Manchester

Need an illustrator? I'm your guy!

My name is Robbie Douglas and I have ten year's professional experience as a freelance illustrator, digital artist, cartoonist and graphic designer. My work has been used for a variety of purposes from decorating children's play areas to logo design and cartoon company mascots.

My freelance illustration work ranges from cute and innocent to dark and disturbing and my cartoon style is perfect for advertising, children's book illustration and breathing new life in to a business. As well as illustration commissions and graphic design services I also design and sell handmade illustrated greeting cards and digital prints.

I work with clients both big and small from private one-off commissions to larger on-going projects, if you like my illustrations then get in touch and see what I can do for you!

Personalised illustrations and designs

My work has been used for clothing design, packaging, children's play areas, children's books, company mascots, magazine advertising, logo design and much more. I have a very personal approach to my work and take great pride in completing projects to the highest possible standard and exactly to the client's specific needs.

Services I offer include:

Illustration Commissions
Logo Design
Website Design
Flyers and Invitations
Advertising Design
Children's Books Illustration
Illustrated Gifts
Clothing Design
Character Illustration

If you feel you or your company could benefit from my unique style, whatever the purpose and no matter how big or small send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Handmade Merchandise

Illustrated Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

I have started to design and make some cartoon greeting cards. At the moment I'm selling the cards on Etsy, head over and have a look!

Digital Illustration Prints

Digital Prints

I sell a variety of my illustrations as digital prints. They are printed to a high resolution on quality, matte finished paper and are available framed.

They make a fantastic gift and can brighten up any room.

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